Custom Jewelry Design at Round Hill Jewelers

Step 1 – Sketch Your Design

The first step in realizing your custom jewelry is to sketch the design.  We’ll work closely with you to draw your custom piece from multiple angles.  Once we’ve captured the essence of your design, we move to step 2, computer aided design.

Step 2 – Computer Aided Design

Using very sophisticated computer aided design (CAD) software, we will create a 3-dimensional rendering of your piece based on previously created sketches.  The design can continue to be refined using the CAD software.  After the design is perfected in CAD, we move to step 3, casting and molding.

Step 3 – Molding, Casting and Setting

Next, we use the design from the CAD software to mold and cast your piece in the metal of your choice.  After casting, we set the stones that we have carefully selected with you.  The final result is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is a reflection of your good taste and style.

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